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    Muse is a capricious mistress

    One day she is the best lover

    Giving you her sweetest caress

    The next day her game is over

    And she leaves you in your mess. 

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Lac Saint André les Alpes - HQ
Credit : Marie Deflandre


    Lac Saint André les Alpes - HQ

    Credit : Marie Deflandre

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  4. Even as I feel
    the hot, static charge
    of her fingers touching
    the muscle
    of my naked chest
    I think, “Oh, God,
    what have we done?”
    Knowing unequivocally that
    there is no turning back now
    that our lust
    will carry us forward
    of the consequences

    Yanking her panties
    to her knees
    as I pull her yearning lips
    to mine
    I am fully conscious that
    this will end badly
    for both of us
    Even if her man
    my woman
    never manage to discover
    this betrayal
    we will still need to carry this
    inside ourselves

    It will be
    a scraping, gnawing burn
    festering somewhere
    in the backs of our minds
    taunting us
    toying with us
    an accusatory ringing
    in our ears
    keeping us from peaceful sleep
    while haunting
    our every waking thought and action

    This we know
    We are doomed
    yet we do not
    we cannot stop
    the moment and the flesh
    have overtaken us
    and we are

    Max Mundan, Imminent Indiscretion

    © David Rutter 2014

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Roger Wolfe


    Roger Wolfe

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  6. Human beauty only exists if you close your eyes
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  7. And then you will feel it with your heart.
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  8. Be women who make things happen, not women things happen to.
    Sandra Cisneros, Bien Pretty (via wordsandthebees)
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